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By Cartoonist Jeff Swenson

It's energy from down under. Though I'm not a big fan of lemon-flavored drinks this one surprised me. Especially since I had never heard about it before.

coolah energy drink

COMPANY: A little hard to tell. There may be some partnering between a couple of companies to distribute this. On the can I see: Cadbury Pty Ltd in Australia, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper/Seven Up.
It's competent. They incorporated a boomerang into the logo (I wonder how much being associated with boomerangs all the time annoys Australians?). The can says that Coolah is actually a village in Australia where they drink something called "Solo" which was the inspiration for their energy drink. Nice marketing story. The can does give you a sunny, summer feel. Makes you feel good. Might not work in the Winter Season though but then maybe the sales of soda and energy drinks goes down in Winter anyhow in favor of hot drinks.
CAN DETAILS: 16 FL OZ, 230 Calories
PRICE: Picked it up in Lincoln City, Oregon for a 1.99 at an IGA Grocery Store. Otherwise I have not seen this drink available any where else.
WEBSITE: There doesn't seem to be one or at least an official one. When I Google "Coolah Energy Drink" I don't get too much info. I really don't understand why any product would not have it's own site or at least a webpage that pops up when searched for. Very poor marketing. There's all kinds of angles for promoting this drink with a theme based on Australia. I mean, hell, get the Crocodile Hunter to pitch it.
UPDATE: Site is . Thanks to Rob for the heads up.
TASTE: I'm not a big fan of Lemon or Lime flavored drinks. 7-up and Sprite are okay for an upset stomach but not to drink casually. So Coolah surprised me. It tastes like Squirt with a little more punch to it. If you aren't familiar with Squirt I guess I could also try to describe Coolah as carbonated Lemonade with lots of sugar and an ingredient called Boronia which I haven't seen in an energy drink before. The taste is based on a popular drink called Solo which you can read about here. It's actually quite good, especially since it doesn't taste similar to all the other energy drinks out there. Definitely potential.
AFTERTASTE: Just a slight lemon taste.
SUSTAINED EFFECTS: Nothing unusual.
OVERALL: Great taste I must say. Poor marketing. Unfortunately with some decent promotion this drink may get lost in the Soda Wars which is a shame. I think it could do some damage to some of the competition that simply copies the taste of Monster Energy.

GENERAL COMMENTS: Get a website Coolah Energy! Or if I simply can't find it then someone send me the link. I'd be happy to plug it.



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