When cartoonists think they're being original and are just making a mistake.

It's not a mistake to take a look at Partybingo when you're tired of work and the day is done. It can be a relaxing alternative to the usual fare you might find and it's perfectly acceptable to do on Easter. Even bunnies like bingo.

One of the things I like to do on my homesite here is talk about cartooning and expose myself (not literally) as someone capable of making mistakes as a humorist. Here is a cartoon I drew last year for Easter but then before posting it I came across a similar cartoon drawn by another artist; so I had to ditch it.

I'm posting it on this page so you can see that sometimes cartoonists think alike--actually not sometimes, a lot of the time. When thousands of humorists are all dwelling on the same subject matter it's no wonder you get variations on the same theme. If I had been smart I would have done a search beforehand. That's because the idea is fairly obvious. Instead I arrogantly plowed ahead and finished it. Then working on another project involving Easter I came across a cartoon where the idea had already been illustrated. It looks like the cartoon has been passed around quite a bit. If the artist comes across this page and wants a link to his/her site please get in touch.

I'm not against variations on themes and if I thought my idea and execution was superior to a previously done cartoon then I would have no problems putting it into my cartoon rotation. There will be repitition of ideas on the net with so many people outputting material. But the cartoonist's version that you see below mine is superior. The idea has already been presented in the best manner possible. Mine is flawed in comparison. I had to discard this one from my collection.

man wearing bunny slippers
Another thing, why did I draw the Father wearing the "live"slippers?
It should have been the mother. Men don't wear bunny slippers. I must have been tired.

easter bunny cartoon

Here's the cartoon I discovered on Google Images. It is quite good in its execution though I'm not familiar with who "G" is, as far as the cartoonist. You'll notice the poor quality of the image which means it's been passed around a lot. People save it, compress it, save it again, compress it again, etc. I've had several toons of my own that basically travel the net this way--usually after someone has removed my URL info. I don't mind people passing around my toons on MySpace or other community sites, just leave the credits on the toon, willya?



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