by Cartoonist Jeff Swenson

This is included in the recently published collection of The Cynic and is one of my favorite storylines. At the time I drew it I was starting to jog which was one of the toughest things to make yourself do every day. Three years later I'm still jogging and I can look back at Sonja trying to keep in shape and smile.

Heather has some major frontage

stupid teenagers

imagining Sonja naked

more euphemisms

junk in the trunk

car hit by jogger

ugly beauty

Hey Fat Fuck

Scott sees his balls pop THE CYNIC COLLECTION
2004 to 2005 in print

Storylines for the adult-minded
with immature thoughts.

Only 13.95 for 132 jam-packed pages including holiday specials. Purchase your copy here!
Cynical Kevin from the comic strip
What readers of the comic strips have emailed the artist:

Just wanted you to know that I found your comic strip on WebComics
tonight, and I found the June archive hilarious. Nice job!


Sonja worried about euphemisms Hi!

I recently discovered The Cynic and was instantly lost. I have to
read it all now, and you are responsible for a small part of my
neglected work time every day. :-)

Andreas Engström

The Jogging episode continues on in the print collection when Scott, that sexist bastard, gets dragged along to jog with Doyle berating him as the newly appointed jogging coach. Read more about the book here.


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